1. Free pattern design and parameters pattern design can meet the requirement of different operational person.

2. File is automatically saved to prevent accidental loss .to ensure files security.

3. Powerful universal pen contains more than 20 kinds of functions , only a universal pen tool can be basically complete the set of pattern design production.

4. Smart flat simulation stitching , professional to do fold ,expand capabilities ans more than 20kinds of making feature lets you design more perfect.

5. It is simple , convenient ans fast to add the amount of shrink ,shown directly.

6. Visual inspection of a variety of measurement function accurate , measurement of model detail ,and the plate can be added as basis for realization of the data ink age between the suture site.

7. Text library ans text editing features to meet your need to edit any information.

8. Remote Support : no matter how far apart  the user can instantly ans efficient access to our technical support ,excluding operating fault.